This prop I started after I had just took far too much time updating my website and wanted to do a quick practice of my model/texturing skills. I decided to do a small prop that had some different variance in materials. I had also wanted to test my skills verse someone else in the industry. I found the prop on another artist page and I looked up some reference photos to get started on. I wanted to make the prop aged but not too old. I wanted to give the prop a feel that it had been restored but still wasn't totally restored. I aged the painted metals and gave a tinge of brassy rust to the head of the microphone. Honestly this time around texturing went pretty smooth. I made sure to get a good contrast in the materials in the initial phase of making the micro-surface map. I made sure to bake out a very clean normal map and focused on silhouettes very early on in my process. I think this is probably the best and quickest prop I've made so far with my new skills in the "Physical Based Rendering" workflow.