“Heater, Table, and Chairs”

This was my first attempt at trying to bring my skills to industry standards. In this study I looked for just something that had some variety in metals and that was easy to model and had lots of reference. At first I modeled the heater with holes in the heater plate and in the base of the model. I also did not have enough edges in the top hat to the heater, the base stand, and the wheels making them not very rounded. With the help of a friend I took some advice and direction, I went back re-modeled the heater adding more edges to give a more believable shape. I also decided to make the holes in an alpha layer. I learned how to better uv with the normal map in mind so that I could get a clean normal map. I baked out some basic maps and I learned how to work with the Idea of Physical Based Rendering. I only had a couple of materials to really focus on which made learning much easier. I learned how to create a roughness map and the Idea around a material's micro surface. I had to learn a new work flow trying not to focus on the diffuse map but let the other maps do all the heavy lifting. I focused on the reflectivity and smooth to roughness of each base material keeping things simple and building on each Idea within the roughness and specularity map only. After working very diligently on those maps getting most of the work of texture map done in those areas I then moved onto the diffuse map. From the diffuse I started adding wear and tear on the heater. Whenever I made a change in the diffuse I would go to the other maps and make sure to make changes accordingly. After I was done with the heater I decided to make a table and chair set to kinda complete the model and I went quickly through the same steps making the table and chair models and textures. I learn from this project Physical Based Rendering and what this work flow in-tales. I learned how to manage my geo, how to really get some clean normals, and how to make different materials read better.