“Bedroom Set”

After learning a new work flow from the trial and error of making the “Heater, Table, and Chairs” I thought it best to try and work with some other materials that weren't mainly different metals and plastics. I chose a bedroom set that I liked keeping it simple to just a nightstand, a lamp, and a bed. I wanted to study wood and clothe to see if I could get the behaviors of those materials down. After modeling the props I kept all the uvs on one map which later I regretted. I now know I should have made at least two separate texture maps. I really focused hard though on getting the roughness of the clothe down and the dullness of the wood. The lamp and the nightstand really turned out the best compared to the bed only because of the texture space I gave to the bed. I was able to really define the the lamps metals and its clothe in the shade working with both the roughness maps and reflectivity. I was able to see the difference in the wood with focusing on its reflectivity and creating the dull reflections it would cast in a games lighting. I worked on the nightstand's sanded smoothness but rough wood surface that would show through the roughness map. Again after getting the base for the materials down I then focused on the diffuse map adding grunge and contrast to the different parts of each prop. I learned from this study to really think about texture space and again the different behaviors of wood and clothe in respects to light.