"Castle Breakout"

This is a game I am currently working on with “cloudburst games”. About a year an a half ago the owner of the company had come to me with an idea for a game for a particular genre that hadn't been tapped out yet. It was the room escape puzzler market. We discussed making something similar to what was out there but better and with a few new innovations. I helped analyze the games that were on the market and then I came up with Levels for the game. From the levels I made up I found reference and concept for the game. From the concept and the reference I came up with a prop list of everything that we would need in the game. From the prop list I made levels and how much puzzle would be in each level. From the prop-list, the spread sheet of levels, and the puzzle Excel docs I created game docs describing each level what props were in the level the balance of the level and found the cost for each level by looking up models on turbo squid. While in production I directed the programmer and modelers on what each level needed. I also made paint overs to better help direct the other employees for the levels after I designed the levels and placed props and cameras where they should be. After we had renders for the levels I also did some post production work on fixing and tweaking the renders so each level played like I had intended it to be played. I learned from “Castle Breakout” that making a game can be a long process and that patients with people and dedication to ones work is most important. I learned how to balance game play for the user so there is a good flow from one level to the next. I learned how to improvise with the limited tools given to me.